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Full Stack Food

Full Stack Food

Full Stack Food is a podcast about food and innovation. We cover topics ranging from plant-based meat to robot-operated vertical farms, and the impact of COVID on the startup scene. You’ll hear interviews with entrepreneurs developing new ways to produce, distribute, and consume food. We also showcase cool startups looking to change the world, and discuss some of the buzzworthy topics in food innovation. Join journalist, Aditi Roy and investor, Brett Brohl to navigate the exciting world of food tech.

Recent Episodes

Alternative Ingredients Sustainability

Can You Make (Good) Chocolate Without Cocoa and Coffee Without Beans? A Conversation with Adam Maxwell and Kelsey Tenney, Voyage Foods

March 23, 2023

Adam Maxwell and Kelsey Tenney are almost polar opposites. What makes them such a formidable pair of co-founders is the one thing they do have in common. They are both downright obsessed with the science behind food. That mi…

Alternative Ingredients Sustainability Biotech

When Will Fake Meat Taste Like Real Meat (Part 2)? A Conversation with Tyler Huggins, CEO/Co-Founder, Meati

March 17, 2023

Tyler Huggins, CEO and Co-Founder of Meati joins the podcast. Meati - which makes plant-based meat from mushrooms - appears to be a raging's backed by celebrity chefs, it just entered a partnership with Sprouts …

Guest: Tyler Huggins
Agriculture Supply Chain

Can Data Fix Food? A Conversation with Kellee James, Founder/CEO, Mercaris

March 9, 2023

Markets and data transparency may sound like dry subjects, until you hear Kellee James talk about her life’s work. Kellee is the CEO and founder of Mercaris, a market data service, and trading platform for organic agricultur…

What's Stopping New Foods from Getting to Market? A Conversation with Riana Lynn, Founder/CEO, Journey Foods

March 2, 2023

Riana Lynn’s company, Journey Foods, applies data to the world’s biggest food supply chains to help bring plant-based foods to market faster and more cost efficiently. That may sound like a big und...

Is The Future of Food Vegan (and Female)? A Conversation with Jennifer Stojkovic, Founder, Vegan Women Summit

Feb. 16, 2023

We’ve interviewed many founders for Full Stack Food, but Jennifer Stojkovic is truly one–of-a kind. She created The Vegan Women Summit, which brings together more than a thousand women to help make our food systems more sust…

Does Dairy Need A Reset? A Conversation with Jon King and Rob Forsythe, Co-Founders, Milk Moovement

Feb. 2, 2023

You may have never heard the names Jon King and Rob Forsythe, but there’s a good chance the work they are doing will someday impact something in your fridge. The pair launched Milk Moovement, which is a digital platform whic…

About the Hosts

Aditi RoyProfile Photo

Aditi Roy

Producer & Co-Host

Aditi is an Emmy-winning journalist whose love for food has permeated much of her two-decade career in television news. Most recently, Aditi covered ag-tech and food-tech at CNBC, where she introduced the network’s viewers to companies like Impossible Foods and early-stage food startups like Plenty and Apeel. Aditi’s also worked at ABC News and NBC News, and started out her career in local news, where she covered agriculture and restaurants at stops in Lincoln, Nebraska and Philadelphia. Aditi grew up eating her mom’s amazing home-cooked Indian meals, and loves a good slice of New York-style pizza.

Brett BrohlProfile Photo

Brett Brohl


Brett Brohl is Managing Partner of Bread and Butter Ventures. He is also the Managing Director of the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator, partnered with Cargill and Ecolab, and the Minnesota Twins Accelerator in partnership with Techstars. He has led more than 60 investments into food tech in the past 4 years. Brett honed his start-up skills as the CEO of multiple companies leading 3 to exit. Prior to the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator Brett served as Director of the inaugural Techstars Startup Next Food & Ag in Partnership with Land O’Lakes and as the Entrepreneur in Residence at Techstars Retail Accelerator in Partnership with Target. When he’s not engaging the world’s start-up scene Brett can be found hanging with his wife and kids, driving a lobster boat, or pretending to be a tennis pro. Check out tips and best practices for founders and investors on his Youtube Channel – “Brett’s Brain.”